Hi, I'm Joelle, a girl on a truly global mission

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I never imagined that by the age of 20, I'd have travelled to 40+ countries solo. Today, I'm on my journey to reach 100 countries before 30 while studying and working full time


 I believe that travel is possible for all people, regardless of age, nationality, or budget. It doesn't require you to quit your job, save thousands of dollars in the bank, or have seemingly-endless bravery.  You, like me, can be "average" and still find ways to make your travel dreams come true. 


On this blog, I share all of my best budget travel tips and tricks, guides for my favorite things, tips for solo female travel, and musings about all of the great food that I've eaten and beautiful things I've seen.

Welcome, and feel free to check out my blog here.

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